Board committees and task forces

The following Committees advise the Board on issues of particular importance for the global operations of Transparency International.

Membership Accreditation Committee

Karen Hussmann (Chair)
Boris Divjak
Sion Assidon (AMM-elected until 2020)
Ernie Ko (AMM-elected until 2020)
Anton Pominov (AMM-elected until 2020)

Contact at the Secretariat:

Ethics Committee

Natalia Soebagjo (Chair)
AJ Brown
Samuel Kimeu
Oya Özarslan

Contact at the Secretariat: Kathrin Decker,

  • Download Ethics Committee Terms of Reference.
  • To make any enquiry of the Board Ethics Committee please contact the Chair of the Committee ( If you wish, you may copy the contact point at the Secretariat ( Enquiries may be made on a confidential basis. The enquiry shall include:
    • the summary of the relevant facts
    • a copy of all relevant documents
    • a clear indication of the ethical issues involved
    • the steps that you have already taken
    • any evidence that supports the facts

Anti-Corruption Award Committee

Boris Divjak (Chair)
Nada Abdelsater
Samuel Kimeu
David Ondrácka
Beatrice Edwards
Sally Hayden
Barbara Trionfi 

Contact at the Secretariat: Nadja Kostka,

Risk and Audit Committee

Kol Preap (Chair)
David Ondrácka
Natalia Soebagjo
Emile Carr (co-opted)

Contact at the Secretariat: Monika Ebert,

Finance Committee

David Ondrácka (Chair)
Karen Hussmann
Kol Preap
Iftekhar Zaman (co-opted)

Contact at the Secretariat: Monika Ebert,

Governance Committee

Rueben Lifuka (Chair)
Robert Barrington
Samuel Kimeu
Oya Özarslan

Contact at the Secretariat: Stan Cutzach,

Trends and Vision Committee

AJ Brown (Chair)
Nada Abdelsater
Robert Barrington
Delia Ferreira Rubio
Rueben Lifuka
Kol Preap

Contact at the Secretariat: Max Heywood,