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Indeks percepcije korupcije za 2017. godinu: Hrvatska bez promjene

Hrvatska je ostala na među najlošije plasiranim zemljama EU na Indeksu percepcije korupcije (IPK) za 2017. Pomanjkanje transparentnosti i javne ...


Comunicado de prensa

Transparencia Internacional Brasil se permite informar que noticias publicadas recientemente en periódicos de América Latina sobre los resultados ...

True stories

Thousands speak out

When we held a mobile advice centre in India, we expected a few hundred people. By the end of the day, the total was in the thousands. Among them was ...Read the story

Police whistleblowers

When two respected police officers found evidence that traffic offences were being wiped and interfered with, they did what their job demanded of ...Read the story

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