Tackling Forestry Corruption Risks in Asia Pacific

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Report published 25 February 2012
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This report is based on research carried out in five Asia Pacific countries – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. This document should serve as an instrument to help in Transparency International’s constructive but critical dialogue needed to fight corruption and build integrity in the forestry sector. As such it is aimed at civil society, the private sector, and government agencies, and all those who stand to benefit from improved forest governance.

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Country / Territory - China   |   Indonesia   |   Malaysia   |   Papua New Guinea   |   Solomon Islands   
Region - Asia Pacific   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Climate governance   |   Environment   |   Forestry   |   Land Management   |   Private sector   
Tags - Forestry   |   Sustainable development   |   Sustainability   |   Illegal logging   |   Forests   |   Illegal timber   |   Timber trafficking   |   Forestry governance   |   Corruption risks   |   Forestry permits   

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