Stealing the future: corruption in the classroom – ten real world experiences

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Report published 1 January 2005
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Stealing the Future - Corruption in the Classroom presents 10 studies carried out by national chapters in Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Sierra Leone and Zambia. The studies assess the extent of corruption in schools, universities and education administration, providing examples of how civil society can help curb corrupt practices.

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Country / Territory - Argentina   |   Bosnia and Herzegovina   |   Brazil   |   Georgia   |   Mexico   |   Nepal   |   Nicaragua   |   Niger   |   Sierra Leone   |   Zambia   
Region - Global   |   Sub-Saharan Africa   |   Americas   |   Europe and Central Asia   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Civil society   |   Education   |   Public services   
Tags - Schools   |   Primary schools   |   Universities   |   Education administration   

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