National Integrity System Assessment Lithuania

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National Integrity System assessment published 5 June 2012
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The National Integrity System assessment approach provides a framework to analyse the robustness and effectiveness of a country’s institutions in preventing and fighting corruption. The assessment of the integrity of different society and state sectors, as presented in this report, shows that the general level of integrity in the country is at least average, and in some sectors it is considered generally sufficient. The pillars of the parliament ombudmsmen, National Audit Office and anti-corruption agencies were assessed as strong or very strong. The legislative, the executive, judiciary, the public sector, law enforcement institutions, political parties, media, civil society and business were assessed as weaker.

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Country / Territory - Lithuania   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Accountability   |   Civil society   |   Governance   |   Judiciary   |   Media   |   Politics and government   |   Private sector   |   Surveys   

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