National Integrity System Assessment Estonia

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National Integrity System assessment published 6 June 2012
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The National Integrity System (NIS) assessment was carried out in Estonia in 2010-2012. The assessment is based on the analysis of the legal system, previous studies, audits, international evaluations and 40 interviews. Generally all pillars analyzed rank highly in transparency and independence. They are well-positioned in legal terms but in practice, the indicators do not score as highly.The ombudsman (the Chancellor of Justice), the National Audit Office and electoral management bodies are the three strongest.

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Country / Territory - Estonia   
Language(s) - Estonian   
Topic - Access to information   |   Accountability   |   Civil society   |   Governance   |   Intergovernmental bodies   |   Media   |   Private sector   |   Public procurement   |   Surveys   |   Whistleblowing   
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