Combatting Land Corruption in Africa: Good Practice Examples

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Report published 22 November 2019
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One in every five people worldwide has paid a bribe to access land services. In Sub-Saharan Africa, this number rises to one in every two people. Corruption within systems of land administration and management is known as “land corruption”. Whether it’s an opaque deal between private investors and local authorities, citizens having to pay bribes during land administration processes, or customary laws that deny women their land rights, land corruption hits the poor and marginalised hardest.

This publication brings together a diverse collection of good practices developed by our colleagues from national Transparency International chapters working to tackle land corruption across the continent. Each practice is described in detail (including the key steps for implementation and factors for achieving success) in a format intended to guide others working against corruption to use the same techniques, while encouraging adaptation and fostering future innovations.

Transparency International Kenya shares experience in using public-interest litigation as a tool for resisting the mass eviction of residents from 10 public housing estates in Mombasa. Our colleagues from Transparency International Uganda describe their series of innovative open days, which provide a forum for citizens to verify land titles, access free legal advice and engage with organisations that support people affected by land corruption.

Our Ghanaian chapter shares details of a groundbreaking participatory video process, implemented in partnership with InsightShare, that enabled landless widows to speak out against corrupt practices within customary land administration. Also included in the collection are innovative campaigning approaches from Madagascar, the use of video advocacy in Zimbabwe, and handbooks on customary and statutory land systems produced in Sierra Leone and Zambia.

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