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Corruption is present in the daily life of Portuguese citizens, who are assailed everyday by the media reporting new scandals of corruption, recurring obstacles in pending investigations, crimes that go unpunished and new anti‐corruption policies that have no effect on these issues. The continuous public exposure of high profile corruption cases involving figures from the state or private sector, combined with extensive media coverage of how successive governments have dealt with this phenomena, has undermined public confidence.

The political, cultural, social and economic climate in Portugal does not provide a solid ethical basis for the efficient fight against corruption, both regarding the civic integrity of citizens, the economic stability of the country and the political will to effectively thwart this phenomenon. According with the results of the Portuguese NIS study, the political system (Executive and Legislative pillars) and the enforcement system (Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Anti‐Corruption Agencies pillars) are the most fragile areas of the National Integrity System. Without the political will and a capable, unwavering judicial system, the fight against corruption cannot take place.

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