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Published by Transparency Maldives on 30 July 2014

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The key objectives of the National Integrity System assessment are to generate:

  • An improved understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Maldives’ National Integrity System within the anti-corruption community and beyond;
  • Momentum among key anti-corruption stakeholders in Maldives for addressing priority areas in the National Integrity System.

The primary aim of the assessment is therefore to evaluate the effectiveness of Maldivian institutions in terms of preventing and fighting corruption, and fostering transparency and integrity. In addition, it seeks to promote the assessment process as a springboard for action among the government and anti-corruption community in terms of policy reform, evidence-based advocacy, or further in-depth evaluations of specific governance issues. This assessment should serve as a basis for key stakeholders in the Maldives to advocate for sustainable and effective reform.

The National Integrity System of the Maldives is based on the following key institutions: the core government agencies of Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary; the public sector agencies, the Civil Service and law enforcement agencies; the Elections Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, and Auditor General’s Office; the media, Civil Society Organisations, political parties and private sector businesses.

Whilst there are strengths associated with some of the institutions intellectually, the interconnectedness in their formation and functioning entails a considerable number of institutional shortcomings that weaken the overall National Integrity System of the Maldives. Most importantly, political bias created through intermingled political thinking and practices embedded in key political institutions, including the legislature and the Executive, reduces the capacity of other institutions to function independently. Moreover, political bias embedded in the institutional framework further reduces the level of accountability, transparency and integrity functions of almost all the institutions.

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Country / Territory - Maldives   
Region - Asia Pacific   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Accountability   |   Civil society   |   Governance   |   Judiciary   |   Law enforcement   |   Media   |   Politics and government   |   Private sector   |   Public procurement   |   Public services   |   Surveys   

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