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Published by Transparency International Finland on 16 February 2012

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Finland’s National Integrity System Assessment describes the relationship between legislation and practice from the points of view of thirteen national institutions or pillars. The specific strengths and weaknesses of each pillar are pinpointed in order to see what needs to be improved. This integrity system assessment is the first of its kind in Finland.

There are two main stages to compiling and processing data. The first stage involves collecting information from legislation, research studies, expert interviews, and other sources. The research is carried out by a lead researcher or a research group. Next, the pillars and their parts are scored, giving the existing data a numerical form and assessment.

The score of each dimension (capacity, governance, and role) is an average of the numerical assessments of its component parts. The total score of a pillar is calculated by averaging the scores of the three dimensions. The final score of a pillar and the scores of its dimensions offer a general outline of the pillar as a part of the integrity system.

The research methodology, based on Transparency International’s NIS assessment, progressed in stages from desk‐review of the pillars and expert interviews to data analysis, finalising the assessment, and giving recommendations for improvements. The assessment was validated by Transparency International Secretariat, the project's advisory group, and an external expert.


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Country / Territory - Finland   
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Topic - Access to information   |   Accountability   |   Civil society   |   Financial markets   |   Governance   |   Intergovernmental bodies   |   Judiciary   |   Law enforcement   |   Media   |   Politics and government   |   Public procurement   |   Public services   |   Surveys   |   Transparency International   |   Whistleblowing   
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