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Published by Transparency International Denmark on 12 January 2012

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This study of the Danish National Integrity System (NIS) assesses the legal basis and behavior of institutions in terms of their capacity to prevent corruption and maintain the integrity of the system. The report examines the extent to which Danish institutions function as intended and whether Denmark has an effective strategy for fighting corruption.

To assess the degree of institutional strength, the evaluation also assesses the economic, political and socio-cultural contexts in which these institutions operate. This study of institutions and their contexts thus  provides an overall picture of the Danish national integrity system and its capacity to prevent corruption.

This study presents a general assessment of the overall anti-corruption potential of the system, as well as describing interaction between the pillars in order to assess the robustness of the integrity system, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the study can highlight why some pillars are more robust than others and how they affect each other. A key assumption behind the NIS method is that weaknesses in one institution lead to serious deficiencies in the entire system.

The study method, developed by the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin, is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected through secondary data in the form of research articles, reports and national and international studies and surveys. The NIS Study was conducted during the period from January to August 2011, and thus includes relevant literature published up to August 2011.

The overall conclusion of this study is that the Danish national integrity system is ‘healthy’.

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Country / Territory - Denmark   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Access to information   |   Accountability   |   Civil society   |   Defence and security   |   Financial markets   |   Intergovernmental bodies   |   Judiciary   |   Politics and government   |   Private sector   |   Public procurement   |   Public services   |   Surveys   |   Transparency International   |   Whistleblowing   
Tags - Group of States against Corruption   |   Party Funding   |   Roger Buch   |   Jørgen Elklit   

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