Paraguay: Overview of corruption and anti-corruption

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Published on 29 February 2016 as a TI Helpdesk answer
Can you provide an overview of corruption and anti-corruption in Paraguay?


1. Overview of corruption in Paraguay

2. Legal and institutional anti-corruption framework

3. References


Paraguay is a monolith in the study of corruption: experts agree and the literature on corruption confirms that Paraguay is an important case study of a state seeking to recover from decades of an authoritarian state that institutionalised corruption. From the end of Alfredo Stroessner's regime in 1989, Paraguay has struggled to fight systemic corruption in all sectors of the government. Perception surveys and local surveys show a bleak reality of the state of corruption in the country.

The progress in the fight against corruption has been slow as political instability and a strong business sector have deterred efforts. The last five years have seen the rise of laws and institutions aimed at fighting corruption. These initiatives have been praised internationally

Author(s): Iñaki Albisu Ardigó,
Reviewed by: Maíra Martini, Marie Chêne, Transparency International
Publication date: 29 February 2016
Number: 1

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