Overview of Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Tajikistan

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Published on 7 January 2013 as a U4 Helpdesk answer
Please provide an overview of the nature and impact of corruption in Tajikistan. What legal and institutional framework is available to address corruption?


1. Overview of corruption in Tajikistan
2. Governance structure and anti-corruption efforts in Tajikistan
3. References


In-depth research and local studies on the impact of corruption in Tajikistan in particular sectors is limited. Given that many anti-corruption initiatives in the country are recent, it is also very early to assess the success or failure of such initiatives in Tajikistan.


Most evidence indicates that corruption in Tajikistan is widespread and at all levels of society. Rule of law is weak and most institutions lack transparency and integrity structures. Tajikistan experiences similar issues as other former Soviet states in Central Asia, with little political renewal and a small elite capturing political and economic life. Tajikistan performs poorly in all areas assessed by governance indicators. Public administration and services as well as the judiciary are seen as particularly corrupt state institutions. Dushanbe has taken steps forward to fight corruption but the country lacks some important anti-corruption mechanism and the necessary political will to effectively counter corruption

Author(s): Sofia Wickberg, Transparency International, swickberg@transparency.org
Reviewed by: Robin Hodess, Transparency International, rhodess@transparency.org
Publication date: 7 January 2013
Number: 356

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