Overview of corruption and anti-corruption in South Sudan

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Published on 4 March 2013 as a U4 Helpdesk answer
Please provide an overview of the nature of corruption in South Sudan. What legal and institutional framework is available to address corruption?


1. Overview of corruption in South Sudan
2. Anti-corruption efforts
3. References


Since South Sudan has only gained independence in 2011, there is little data and research on governance and corruption. South Sudan is not included in most of corruption and governance indicators, yet.


South Sudan became independent on 9 July 2011, emerging from decades of civil war. The country faces a myriad of governance and poverty challenges, as well as continued hostilities with Sudan. At the domestic level South Sudan is struggling with structural obstacles such as a lack of basic infrastructure, the weak development of markets and the lasting level of insecurity.

Corruption permeates all sectors of the economy and all levels of the state apparatus and manifests itself through various forms, including grand corruption and clientelistic networks along tribal lines.

Since independence, the country has taken steps to promote transparency and accountability to fight corruption, South Sudan’s anti-corruption framework is still in its infancy. Where legal instruments exist, lack of capacity, resources and political will often hamper effective implementation.

Author(s): Magali Mores
Reviewed by: Marie Chene, Transparency International, mchene@transparency.org; Chantal Uwimana, cuwimana@transparency.org, with contribution from Njoya Tikum, njoya.tikum@undp.org
Publication date: 4 March 2013
Number: 371

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