Overview of corruption and anti-corruption in Botswana

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Published on 15 December 2014 as a EU Helpdesk answer
Can you please compile a country profile of corruption and anti-corruption in Botswana, with a focus on tertiary education?


1. Overview of corruption in Botswana

2. Corruption in higher education

3. Legal and institutional anti-corruption framework

4. References


The government of Botswana is internationally credited for its management of corruption. Keeping control of and reducing corruption is clearly paramount to maintain its good and clean reputation.

Following corruption scandals during the 1990s, involving misuse of public money or abuse of privileged power by several high-ranking government officials, Botswana has proactively sought to reinforce its legal and institutional frameworks. Resources have been made available in order to better equip the country against the corruption challenges it faces.

Despite Botswana’s good reputation abroad, the country is still faced with some challenges with regard to corruption. A lack of transparency, deeply entrenched patronage networks, conflicts of interest and nepotism, together with concerns over judicial independence, continue to blight the progress made.

Author(s): Michael Badham-Jones, tihelpdesk@transparency.org
Reviewed by: Marie Chêne, Transparency International, tihelpdesk@transparency.org Tapiwa Uchizi Nyasulu, Transparency International, tihelpdesk@transparency.org
Publication date: 15 December 2014
Number: 63

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Country / Territory - Botswana   
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Topic - Education   |   Politics and government   
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