Overview of corruption and anti-corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Published on 16 December 2014 as a U4 Helpdesk answer
What are the forms and extent of corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What kind of the legal and institutional anti-corruption framework exists in B&H? What is the situation regarding development co-operation in B&H?


We are updating the country’s anti-corruption measures.


  1. Overview of corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Nature of corruption challenges
  3. Sectors most affected by corruption
  4. Legal and institutional anti-corruption framework
  5. References
  6. Further reading


In the course of the last decade, the challenge of corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina has attracted increasing attention from the citizenry and political elites of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from the international community and donor organisations active in the country.

However, while a number of legislative and institutional reforms have already been undertaken, enforcement of anti-corruption regulations remains to a large extent ineffective. Lack of firm political will to fight the phenomenon remains one of the key obstacles to more successful action. 

Author(s): Francesco Bosso, Transparency International, tihelpdesk@transparency.org

Reviewed by: Marie Chêne, Transparency International, tihelpdesk@transparency.org
Publication date: 16 December 2014
Number: 16

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