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What’s at stake?

Corruption is a global problem. In many cases the complexity of corruption in different sectors requires more in-depth analysis in order to better understand the root causes, present lessons learnt and explore innovative solutions. While some Transparency International chapters have been working on certain issues for years, others are just beginning to explore or get involved in them. The challenge is to ensure that this knowledge of what has worked – or has not – is shared within and outside our movement.

What we’re doing about it

Our knowledge publications meet this demand by bringing together lessons, experiences and practices on a core set of anti-corruption issues. 

  • The Global Corruption Report. The Global Corruption Report provides an in-depth assessment of the state of corruption around the world and gathers the experience and expertise of the Transparency International movement with regard to a specific sector or theme. The Global Corruption Report draws on dozens of experts and practitioners and the report’s key messages and recommendations are intended to influence dialogue and provide practical guidance to policy-makers, researchers and practitioners in strengthening governance and reducing corruption. Since its first edition in 2001, the report has examined the impact of corruption on politics, construction, post-conflict reconstruction, the health sector, judicial systems, the private sector, water and climate change. See the Global Corruption Report series.
  • Working Papers. Transparency International Working Papers provide cutting-edge research and analysis on emerging corruption issues. These are often drafted by national chapters, external experts or partner organisations. Access our working papers here.

    Policy Positions. Transparency International Policy Positions present our stance on critical issues in the fight against corruption and advocate clear actions for change. They are the product of our global anti-corruption work and reflect movement-wide activities and debate. Access our policy positions here.

    Both series are designed for use in outreach and advocacy activities. They have clear and concise language targeted at decision-makers globally and locally.

Who’s involved

The creation of our knowledge products relies on the entire Transparency International movement and the wider anti-corruption community.

The Global Corruption Report includes contributions from a range of experts from universities, research institutions and other international organisations.

Working papers can be produced by anyone inside or outside our movement with significant expertise in a given topical area. Policy positions, due to their nature, are only done by members of the Transparency International family.

Both series draw on inspiration for topics from the Transparency International Helpdesk as a means to gauge and track current and emerging issues and also rely on peer reviewers – from the first draft of the outline to the finalised version of the paper.

Our approach

The knowledge product series aims to have the maximum impact on policy discussions and decisions. As part of the Anti-Corruption Solutions and Knowledge programme, the series also will be tied to collaborative learning processes and linked up with networks to inform evidence-based policies and practices.

Beginning in 2012, working paper content has been disseminated through the Transparency International blog, web features and webinar discussions.

Policy positions have become more regionalised, drawing on regional publications to put forward clear actions for change.

The forthcoming Global Corruption Report on Education mobilised 72 contributions, including 23 from Transparency International national chapters in all regions for the launch in mid 2013.


Contact us

Gareth Sweeney, Chief Editor, Global Corruption Report

Craig Fagan, Senior Policy Coordinator: Research
(contact for Policy Positions and Working Papers)


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