GCR: Access to Information

Cover of GCR: Access to information

The corrupt are running out of places to hide. That is the message that runs through the Global Corruption Report 2003. Empowered by technology – essential to the prompt and accurate flow of information – the media and the public are increasingly calling businesses and politicians to account.

To help secure that flow of information, national chapters of Transparency International have campaigned for freedom of information in Germany, Lebanon, Mexico, Panama and many other countries. Under their scrutiny and that of other civil society organisations and the wider public, governments are taking steps to further the cause of transparency. From Chile and Brazil to South Korea and India, the spread of e-government involves increasing use of the internet to disseminate public information and to open up the bidding process in public tenders and privatisations.

But freedom of information is not enough. However professionally and accurately information is processed, corruption will continue to thrive without the vigilance of the media and civil society, and the bravery of investigative journalists and whistleblowers in particular.