GCR: 2001 (Inaugural edition)

Cover of GCR: 2001

The Global Corruption Report 2001 examines the current ‘state of corruption’ around the world, analysing recent developments, identifying ongoing challenges and pointing to possible solutions. TI commissioned outside journalists and experts to take a hard look at corruption and to provide their perspective on its impact. As a result, the report adds a new dimension to TI’s efforts to raise awareness of corruption in all its guises.

The Global Corruption Report 2001 highlights the bravery of those tackling the problem, from new political leaders elected on anti-graft platforms, to whistleblowers risking their own livelihood, to the growing number of NGOs that make up the global movement against corruption. The report helps us to understand the realities that underlie the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), our annual ranking of countries according to their perceived levels of corruption. It also contributes a global dimension to the concept of National Integrity Systems, as set out in the TI Source Book.

The Global Corruption Report 2001 is not exhaustive, but it provides a unique overview of corruption for the year 2000–01. The individual reports are assessments made by each author. They do not always reflect the views of TI national chapters, or of the TI movement as a whole. But we stand proudly behind this work, which we think offers a revealing portrait of corruption today.