Global Corruption Barometer 2004

"It is time to use international co-operation to enforce a policy of zero tolerance of political corruption..."

– Akere Muna, Board Member of Transparency International and President of TI Cameroon

The public around the world perceive political parties as the institution most affected by corruption, according to the 2004 Global Corruption Barometer. In 36 out of 62 countries surveyed, political parties were rated by the general public as the institution most affected by corruption. On a scale from a corrupt-free 1 to an extremely corrupt score of 5, parties ranked worst worldwide, with a score of 4.0, faring most poorly in Ecuador, followed by Argentina, India and Peru. At the same time, the public rated political or grand corruption as a very grave problem, and reported that in most countries surveyed corruption affected political life more than business and private life.

After political parties, the next most corrupt institutions worldwide were perceived to be parliaments followed equally by the police and the judiciary, according to the Barometer. The survey included more than 50,000 respondents from the general public in a total of 64 countries and was conducted for TI by Gallup International as part of its Voice of the People Survey between June and September 2004.