Business Integrity Programme

Bribery, undue influence, fraud, money laundering, collusion... These forms of corruption not only undermine the livelihoods of people and the vitality of markets, they damage society as a whole. From ecological disasters to economic instability and human rights violations, private sector corruption has drastic consequences on our world. It erodes public confidence in institutions and deprives citizens of the benefits of economic growth.

The recent financial crisis is among the most glaring examples of a persistent integrity gap in private sector institutions. Corrupt and unethical behaviour in the financial industry includes not only episodes of fraud, mis-selling of financial products, market manipulation, conflicts of interest, insider trading and money laundering, but also behaviour that ignores the wider responsibility of banks towards depositors, tax payers and society at large. The most recent scandals demonstrate that regulatory and judicial efforts have not delivered the much-needed systemic and cultural changes required to restore trust.

Transparency International’s Financial Integrity Initiative seeks to establish a sustainable culture of integrity in financial institutions by focusing on the behaviour of individuals, from top to bottom. We also work on strengthening the enforcement of anti-money laundering principles to make it more difficult and less attractive for the corrupt to profit from stolen assets.

Transparency International collaborates with the following organisations to fight corruption and promote integrity in the private sector:

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