Open Governance Project: helping citizens engage with government

Politics and government - Open governance is the concept that citizen engagement is enabled by having the right policies and practices in place. Learn more.

Strengthening local government integrity

Politics and government - Local governments play a key role in delivering services and designing policies that people rely on. If local government is unaccountable or corrupt, it has a direct impact on citizens' daily lives. Learn about some of the ways we work to strengthen local government integrity.

Curbing corruption in public procurement

Public procurement - Few government activities offer more opportunities for corruption than public contracting. When taxpayer money is sapped away from providing services and completing public works, not only are resources wasted but lives can be put at risk. Learn how we work to keep corruption out of public ...

Political party financing in the Western Balkans

Politics and government - In five countries of the Western Balkans, we’re assessing levels of transparency and accountability in the political finance system and proposing reforms. Because citizens deserve fairer, more transparent and accountable political systems.

Welcome to the Public Sector Integrity Programme

Corruption in the public sector results in a loss of taxpayers’ money, undermines justice and economic development, reduces the quality of public services and destroys public trust in governments and leaders.

Find out how we're working to strengthen integrity, transparency and anti-corruption advocacy at the local, national and global level.

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Public Sector Integrity Programme Coordinator
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