Bomb disposal

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Many years after peace was declared, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still riddled with potentially deadly remnants of the 1992-1995 war; anti-personnel mines. The body responsible for locating and deactivating these is called the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre, and runs entirely on government funding.

Suspicions were raised at Transparency International (TI) Bosnia and Herzegovina when a job advertisement for a position at the centre contained a most unusual prerequisite; a degree in Music. TI Bosnia and Herzegovina contacted the centre, requesting details of its hiring procedure and the case in question. The organisation’s director responded, but failed to offer a valid explanation. Nonetheless, he refused to withdraw the advertisement.

The TI chapter decided to publicise the case. It struck a chord with a number of civil society organisations and media outlets, and received widespread radio and Internet coverage. The very next day, the centre notified TI Bosnia and Herzegovina that it had called off the recruitment process. Shortly thereafter, the centre provided TI Bosnia and Herzegovina with information on its hiring practices as requested, and pledged to cooperate with them in the future.

TI Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to work closely with a number of institutional and individual actors across the country to ensure transparency in employment practices.

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