Viktor Yanukovych is gone, but where are Ukraine’s missing millions?

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Opinion by Oleksii Khmara, Executive Director, Transparency International Ukraine in The Guardian (United Kingdom) – 25 February 2014
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The fast-moving events of the past few days in Ukraine have shown the depth of anger over the violence and corruption of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych and his cronies. There may now be early elections, and Yanukovych has fled, but this alone will not heal the wounds of the past few years.

The pictures of the former president's plush compound – his vintage car collection and fancy pheasants, the private restaurant and golf course – have struck a chord in the same way the palaces of Ben Ali and the wealth of Hosni Mubarak angered the people of Tunisia and Egypt.

Ukrainians want those in power and their accomplices who used their positions to pillage the public coffers held to account, and measures taken around the globe to make sure this cannot happen again.

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  • Crowds tour the grounds of the abandoned mansion of Ukraine's ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych. February 2014

  • The former Ukrainian president's private residence also contained a replica galleon for entertaining guests. February 2014

  • Following Yanukovych's ouster, his mansion has become a symbol of Ukraine's squandered wealth. February 2014


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