Corruption and climate change are interlinked

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Opinion by José Ugaz in (United Kingdom) – 3 December 2014
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At the foot of the Andes in Peru, the lands are getting dryer. The Huilca family eke a living out of increasingly arid lands which used to be watered by a glacier that has shrunk by a third in the last 25 years. Until now they have survived by creating a shallow stream from a natural spring four kilometres away. This precious lifeline was made possible by special funds Peru received as part of global efforts to adapt to climate change. 

As world leaders meet in Lima, Peru, for the latest round of climate talks, they should remember the consequences it is already having for my country. The Huilca family are fighting part of a national struggle to protect biodiversity and livelihoods against an increasingly erratic climate. A struggle exacerbated by rampant corruption.

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