TI Italy: It is time to say stop!

The level of corruption in Italy is unbearable

Issued by Transparency International Secretariat

We’ve been saying that for a while: the level of corruption in Italy is unbearable.  

Should we be happy that every day and every hour arrests, resignations, investigations involving the top of political institutions, public administrations and businesses come to the fore?

Judges, ministers, presidents and businessmen: one Italy and one common practice of systemic, endemic, shameless corruption.

We have spoken loud for a long time, exposing ourselves to alert on the state of corruption in our country. Nevertheless, we got congratulations and handshakes for the interesting analyses, projects, researches, but nothing happened. 

Now, it’s time to say stop!

Should we go back to our little corner while those who’ve never cared and never monitored, will declare that we don’t have to worry about because the situation is changing?

No, it’s not enough.

We want to speak clearly and loudly: to the government, to the judiciary, to public administrations, to police bodies, to businesses and their associations.

Stop to ignore or, even worst, keep us quiet and friendly.

We will never stop to take all the necessary efforts to fight, even after thousands and thousands of meetings and conferences on corruption and their fake commendations and due congratulations.

And we will never stop to wait for a reply from you to collaborate, as Transparency International does in the rest of the world, with those who really want to fight corruption.

Do we really want to take decisive steps in this fight against corruption?

In our opinion, these are the fundamental measures the Government and the Parliament should immediately take:

Some of these measures could be a bit draconian, we know that, but the corruption is an emergency and it should be tackle as such: as it has been done for the fight against terrorism and organized crime, also for the problem of corruption we need law and regulations that are strict, definite, sometimes unpopular, but, in the end, efficient. 

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