Crisis in Chile: Zero tolerance for corruption is at centre of the solution

Issued by Chile Transparente

Transparency International is severely concerned about the social and political crisis currently gripping Chile, and especially the associated acts of violence that have led to multiple deaths and thousands of injuries.  

An important cause of the unrest is Chileans’ anger at corruption and impunity. With decisive action from the government, the current crisis can be a turning point for Chile, its citizens and institutions. Chile Transparente, Transparency International’s national chapter, invites relevant state institutions and elected officials to collaborate with civil society organisations to find a sustainable way out of the current situation. 

A fair and independent judiciary is key to ending impunity and rigorously prosecuting corruption crimes. Judicial anti-corruption efforts must be part of a comprehensive anti-corruption agenda that should aim to strengthen the investigative work of the public ministry by:

For anti-corruption measures to be effective in the long term, authorities must also protect those who witness and report corruption. To this day, victims and witnesses of corruption, as well as whistleblowers have no legal protection in Chile. The government should therefore:

Above all, democratic and human rights of freedom of association, speech, and to non-violent protest, must be respected to seize the opportunity for positive change at this critical point.

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