Transparency International-Cyprus organized an event today, for the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The event was honored with the presence of: Attorney General, Chief of Police, General Auditor, Director General Ministry of Justice, Secretary of the Ministerial Council, General Accountant, Commissioner of Internal Audit of the Republic, Representative of the Director of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, chairman of the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus, President and General Secretary of the Cyprus Chamber, Deputy of POED, Mayors of Paphos and Yeroskipou, school directors, students of Primary and Secondary Education, parents, teachers, board members and members of the TI-C Board and the general public.

The event was moderated by journalist Georgia Vassilakis. Ms Elena Tanos, member of the TI-C Board presented the actions of the TI-C for the year 2016 and Mr. Phidias Pilidis, president of CCCI made a welcome address.

After the speeches, awards were given to students of Primary and Secondary Education enrolled in painting and poetry contest on corruption. Mr. Christopher Theofanous, Deputy of POED, awarded the students of Primary Education. On behalf of the Director of Secondary Education, Ms Eleni Ktisti and the President of the Legal Department, Professor Andreas Kapardis presented the awards to Secondary Education students.

Then, the winners in the contest entitled "Implementation of Good Practices in Corruption and Promotion of Transparency in Cyprus for 2015-2016" were awarded. For the award in the Public Sector category, the General Director of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, Mr. Andreas Mylonas presented the award to the TREASURY OF THE REPUBLIC. The award was received by the Accountant General, Mrs. Rea Georgiou. The Treasury implements the mandatory electronic publication of the intention to tender publication, mandatory submission of electronic bids, publication of conscientious declaration and impartial execution of tasks by individuals holding positions, changes resulting in contracts during their execution, receipt commissions and payments for transactions over 5,000 euros.

Mr. Mylonas presented the award for the Municipalities and Communities category, to the Municipality of Yeroskipou and the award was received by the Mayor of Yeroskipou, Mr. Michael Pavlidis. The municipality of Yeroskipou has improved in the last 5 years in the field of good governance and prudent financial management. A deficit in excess of one million has turned into surplus for two consecutive years through drastic decisions. They have also reassessed all municipal services to better serve the citizen.

For the Individuals category, the award was received by Mr. Fedonas Fedonos. Mr. Fedonos, through initiatives and actions, contributed to bring to the surface several cases like the scandal of Paphos Sewerage Council, scandals landfills, the waste of public money as the case of the Public Garden of Paphos and other cases reported in the press.

For the Education category, Ms. Eleni Ktisti, presented the award to A’ Primary School of Pera Horio-Nisou, to the Director of School, Mrs. Ioulia Christou. The teachers of the school implemented our initiative “Education and Transparency” and the results are very encouraging. At school, there are conducted lectures and activities on corruption and transparency.

For the Public Interest Companies category, the Bank of Cyprus was awarded. The award was presented by Mr. Pilidis the Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Christakis Patsalidis. Group Policy of the Bank is to implement transparent practices from all stakeholders: customers, investors, staff and society, and the fight against corruption, zero tolerance of corruption and corruption from any member of staff or business partners and full compliance with the regulations on disclosure requirements.

Finally, the Annual Prize of the International Transparency-Cyprus for 2016 was given to the Law Services of the Republic, the Cyprus Police and the Audit Office for the good coordination between the three institutions in regards to the investigation and prosecution of criminal corruption and entanglement affairs. Such an initiative is undertaken for the first time and it is remarkable. The prize for the Legal Service, received by the Attorney General, Mr. Costas Clerides. The prize for the Cyprus Police, was received by the Chief of Police, Mr. Zacharias Chrysostomou and the prize for the Audit Office, was received by the Auditor General, Mr. Odysseas Michaelides.

The Organization expresses its warmest thanks to the sponsors CCCI, Deloitte and Info credit Group, and all the volunteers.

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