Revolving door between government and business ‘spinning out of control’

Issued by Transparency International UK

A report launched today by Transparency International UK reveals that the system for regulating the ‘revolving door’ between government and business is broken and needs a radical overhaul.

The study, ‘Cabs for Hire’, which examines the movement of politicians and officials between positions of public office and jobs in the private sector, concludes that the current system has created an environment that increases corruption risks.

A number of recent scandals in the defence, health, transport and energy industries have highlighted the fact that the current framework undermines public trust in government and parliament and creates an unfair advantage for companies that abuse the system.

The report makes fifteen recommendations, including replacing the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (the current body that regulates the system) with a new statutory body; setting up a register of lobbyists and introduction of legislation on lobbying; and a three-year ban on lobbying by public officials who have had responsibility for procurement decisions.

Chandrashekhar Krishnan, Executive Director of Transparency International UK, said “The revolving door between government and business is spinning out of control. There have been far too many cases of officials moving between the two in circumstances which suggest a serious conflict of interest. This has created an environment in which corruption risks are high. We need a more robust system with greater transparency and tighter rules which can be properly enforced. Our recommendations will help reduce the risk of unethical behaviour and maximise the system’s benefit to society.”

Notes to Editors

1. Cabs for Hire: Fixing the Revolving Door between Government and Business, can be downloaded from the Transparency International UK website at from midnight on Monday 16th May 2011.

2. The recommendations can be found in full on pages 28 and 29 of the report.

3. Transparency International UK [registered charity no.1112842] is the UK chapter of the world’s leading non-governmental anti-corruption organisation. With more than 90 chapters worldwide, Transparency International has extensive global expertise and understanding of corruption.

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