150 global activists meet in Lisbon to discuss corruption challenges in Europe

Transparency International’s Europe and Central Asia Meeting is the biggest anti-corruption event ever held in Portugal

Issued by Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica (TIAC)

TIAC – Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica, Portugal's contact point for the global anticorruption coalition Transparency International (TI), will host from 5th to 7th June 2013 the annual Europe and Central Asia meeting. Over 150 activists from 46 countries will meet in Lisbon to discuss the impact of corruption on the European financial crisis and civil society's role in fighting this global problem.

The three day meeting will debate issues such as Public-Private Partnerships, conflicts of interest in the political arena, illicit enrichment and the recovery of assets lost to corruption. This is the first time Lisbon hosts the annual TI Europe and Central Asia meeting. TIAC, the Portuguese representative of the TI movement, is the host organization.

“This is the largest meeting of NGOs against corruption ever held in Portugal. We at TIAC are proud to welcome our international partners from the TI movement for this high-profile event which will focus on some of the biggest problem-areas of corruption in Europe and discuss strategies and specific projects to ensure more effective action by civil society organizations”, said TIAC's chair, Luís de Sousa.

The European crisis is the most profound in a generation, with a commensurate loss of trust in the political and financial systems on the part of Europe’s citizens. The Lisbon meeting will allow Transparency International chapters from 46 Europe and Central Asia countries to establish priorities and common projects in the fight for transparency and accountability in the public and private sectors all over the region. “The coupling of corruption and austerity measures creates a toxic environment for democracies everywhere. All across Europe, citizens are feeling increasingly shut out of their political institutions and are seeking new ways to make their voices heard. Now is the time for civil society to step up. That is what we'll do in Lisbon. The current financial crisis needs to be addressed with more transparency, public integrity and accountability for both political and business leaders. That's what we're fighting for”, said Luís de Sousa.

The international event will open with the public conference “Responding to the Crisis: An Opportunity for Transparency & Corporate Compliance”, which will take place on the 5th June, at 18h00, at the campus of Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – ISCTE.

The conference will focus on the financial crisis' impact on the business climate and the need to strenghten corporate compliance mechanisms around the world. “We are living challenging times for both the public and private sectors. We want to lead the debate about the challenges and opportunities for a sustainable economic recovery that restores the confidence of investors and citizens”, said TIAC's chair.


Responding to the Crisis: An Opportunity for Transparency & Corporate Compliance

ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

18h00 – 20h00

Keynote speech:

Nicola Bonucci, Director for Legal Affairs, OECD


Elena Panfilova, Executive Director, Transparency International Russia

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Sociology Professor, University of Coimbra

João Ermida, Financial Sector Expert, TIAC

Jermyn Brooks, Chair, Business Advisory Board, Transparency International; Chair, 10th Principle

Working Group, United Nations Global Compact

Gualter Crisóstomo, Corporate Governance Manager, Centre for Excellence and Innovation in the

Automotive Industry (CEIIA)

Moderator: Christian Humborg, Executive Director, Transparency International Germany

Speakers and guests will be available for interviews



Transparência e Integridade, Associação Cívica is the Portuguese affiliate of the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption and promoting transparency. A not-for-profit organization, TIAC aims to promote good governance by fighting for transparency, integrity and accountability in the public and private sectors and among civil society, through public information campaigns, research and development and cooperation with public and private organizations.www.transparencia.pt

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