#PanamaPapers: Take action against secret companies in Delaware and the US

#PanamaPapers: Take action against secret companies in Delaware and the US

If Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to combat the spread of corruption (and they should!) they need to speak about how they will stop the establishment of secret companies in places like Delaware. The upcoming 14 April 2016 Democratic presidential debate is the perfect opportunity to make this happen.

Tweet at the CNN/NY1 debate moderators to make sure they ask Clinton and Sanders about secret companies:  

.@wolfblitzer: Ask @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?
.@DanaBashCNN: Ask @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?
.@errollouis: Ask @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?

Last week’s massive Panama Papers leak shone a stark light on secret companies and the many ways the corrupt hide their cash. But this is about so much more than just Panama. The US state of Delaware has long been the poster child of secrecy in the US. While in all 50 US states it’s possible to start a company without giving your name, in places like Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada it’s quick and easy. And it's a big business. It’s a cinch for a criminal to set up a shell corporation to launder illicit money, and gain access to the global banking system.

More than beautiful beaches and attractive tax-free shopping – Panama and Delaware are both go-to destinations when shopping for secrecy. But Delaware actually dwarfs Panama when it comes to shady business – it’s home to thousands of secret companies and US laws make it so that the public can’t know whose behind them. Drug dealers, terrorists, the corrupt – you name it.


Now’s our chance to put this issue on the political agenda in the US. We need your help to make sure the moderators ask Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders about the Panama Papers and secret companies. With enough tweets we hope to have a question on how each candidate proposes to end secret company ownership allowed in Delaware and 49 other states.

We plan to do this again when other debate dates are announced. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about stopping the corrupt!

Again, here are the tweets for the debate moderators to ask Clinton and Sanders directly about ending secret companies:

.@wolfblitzerAsk @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?
.@DanaBashCNNAsk @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?
.@errollouisAsk @hillaryclinton @berniesanders about #PanamaPapers at 4/14 #demdebate. Can they stop secret companies in the US?

Take more action against secret companies in the US!

For any press enquiries please contact press@transparency.org


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