Promoting transparency and accountability in climate finance governance

On the sidelines of COP19, Transparency International (TI) will host a special session of the Climate Finance Integrity Talks series, to present key findings from TI research on challenges and opportunities for the governance of climate finance, both globally and nationally.

TI, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), has conducted governance assessments of nine multilateral climate funds, to analyse both their internal accountability frameworks and the degree to which their policies and practices embody and uphold principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. These investigations pointed to concerning informational gaps regarding the funds’ ability to determine accountability, follow-up, liability and sanctions in cases of suspected corruption. TI is calling for better clarity regarding what anti-corruption safeguards exist and how they can be adequately enacted and enforced.

Meanwhile, TI has completed climate finance accountability assessments in Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico and Peru, and REDD+ corruption risk assessments in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. In a similar vein, these studies unanimously conclude that enhanced transparency is vital to ensuring robust public accountability in countries.

While corruption risks remain serious in many climate finance recipient countries, climate finance delivery systems have yet to effectively demonstrate anticorruption and accountability.

Bringing global and national knowledge and experiences together, TI’s COP19 workshop aims to produce a clear set of policy and practical recommendations aimed at ensuring that climate finance is better guarded against corrupt abuse. This is a forum for open discussions across all relevant stakeholder groups on realistic yet innovative outputs.

Participation is free but with limited spaces, secured through online registration. Interested persons should have sufficient knowledge of or interest in issues of climate governance and a keenness to actively contribute to discussions.

The event takes place Tuesday, 19 November 2013, from 11:00 – 19:00

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Watch our summary video of the Warsaw talks:

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Promoting transparency and accountability in climate finance governance

19 November 2013
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19 November 2013
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