Climate finance integrity: corruption and renewable energy projects

The path to a green global economy will require huge investments – and in many climate-vulnerable countries, corruption is a huge risk.

For a clean planet, how can we keep the money clean too?

Attend a workshop hosted by GIZ and Transparency International, exploring the risks for corruption in renewable energy projects, and best practice solutions to tackle them.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 28 July, at GIZ’s offices (Reichpietschufer 20, 10785 Berlin) from 13.00 – 16.00.


12:30 Registration

13:00 Introduction

13:10 Presentation by Transparency International:

Analysis of projects that aim at scaling up the renewable energy sector in Kenya

  1. Where exactly does corruption in the renewable energy sector in Kenya occur?
  2. What are the direct costs from corruption in the identified contexts?
  3. How can corruption in the identified contexts be mitigated in order to reduce its direct negative effects?

13:30 Discussion on findings:

  • Contribution of workshop participants and experiences from other projects and regions

14:00 Presentation by Water Integrity Network:

  • Integrity Management Tool Box in the water sector
  • Lessons learnt and ideas on transfer of experiences to the energy sector

14:20 Discussion on transfer of experiences from the water to the energy sector:

  • Contribution of workshop participants on addressing corruption in the energy sector

14:50 Presentation on EITI as an instrument for transparency:

  • German and world Extractive Industry Transparency Initiatives to overcome corruption in one sector

15:00 Structuring of discussion output:

  • Defining areas of corruption in the renewable energy sector
  • How to approach corruption in the RE sector?
  • Identifying potential measures, activities
  • Final Discussion and next steps

16:00 End of Session

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Reichpietschufer 20
10785 Berlin

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Climate finance integrity: corruption and renewable energy projects

28 July 2015
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28 July 2015
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Lisa Elges

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