Jana Dubovcová: District Court Chief Justice - Slovak Republic (Integrity Award)

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Received the Award on 11 October 2002

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"Citizens who do not believe in the judicial system do not believe in the state, and that is extremely dangerous because the trust and the confidence of its citizens is the foundation of any democratic state."
Jana Dubovcová, TI Integrity Awards winner 2002

The judicial establishment was rocked when Jana Dubovcová, a 50-year-old District Court Chief Justice, published the results of a survey of corruption in her own court, but nobody was as shocked as the woman who had designed the survey herself. Findings revealed that nearly one-third of people passing through the courts had encountered corruption. According to Dubovcová: "The biggest surprise to me was that people answered 'yes, it is the judges themselves who are personally asking for bribes'. I had not expected the survey to show such a result."

Her colleagues were furious, and the Council of Slovak Judges asked the minister of justice to dismiss her. Fortunately, he refused, and Dubovcová not only kept her job, but also pioneered the introduction of a new judicial management system. This electronic tracking system not only speeds up cases, it also assigns judges to cases by random selection, so that they cannot demand bribes in advance.

"It is a positive signal for Slovakia that we are trying to improve our society," Dubovcová told reporters. For her, the fight against corruption is a duty. "I was only doing what I consider to be necessary in life," she said.

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