Hasan Balikçi: Electrical engineer – Turkey (Posthumous) (Integrity Award)

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Received the Award on 7 October 2004

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"TI Turkey is using the example given to all of us by Hasan Balikçi that you do not have to be a high official or politician to be a shining example to others who see corruption but are afraid to do anything about it. Balikçi paid for his anti-corruption work with his life. If we all do our share against corruption, bribe givers and bribe takers cannot stand against this and no single individual will ever have to lose his life again."
Ercis Kurtulus, Chairman, Transparency International Turkey

Hasan Balikçi, a Turkish electrical engineer for the state-owned company, Turkey Electric Distribution A.S. (TEDAS), was murdered in October 2002. Mr Balikçi was responsible for rooting out those responsible for stealing billions of dollars from this important national utility. However, he paid with his life for his revelations of corruption by businessmen and officials. His death not only led to a huge public outcry and increased awareness about corruption in the energy sector; it also prompted the strengthening of laws regulating corrupt activities in this sector. Balikçi's widow, Sengül Balikçi, believes his death marked a turning point: "Those who planned Hasan's death forgot one thing," she said. "They forgot that this struggle will spread, wave after wave – that there will be many Hasan Balikçis; that our struggle will continue with increasing support."

Hasan Balikçi received the Integrity Award posthumously in 2004.

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