Dr Milica Bisic: Former Head of the Tax Administration in Republika Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Integrity Award)

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Received the Award on 7 October 2004

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"Milica Bisic, all alone managed to establish an institution with integrity, an institution that will work for the benefit of the people. Dr Bisic has brought this country a long way and we salute her."
Boris Divjak, President, TI Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr Milica Bisic from Bosnia and Herzegovina is Professor of Economics at the University of Belgrade and former Head of the Tax Administration in Republika Srpska. After years of a devastating war, the tax administration was among those institutions where corruption was the most rampant in Republika Srpska. Dr Bisic fearlessly took on corruption in this system, clamping down on those benefiting from a shadow economy by refusing to pay their share of taxes. For the first time, the process of forcible collection of taxes was applied to large businesses. Many have since been charged with tax evasion and have closed down.

Dr Bisic has implemented a series of administrative and legal reforms which will have a lasting impact on the tax system in Republika Srpska, and she introduced a new control system for tax collectors in order to reduce the incidence of bribery in the tax administration system itself. But most importantly, she gave the tax administration credibility and respect in the eyes of the public.

Country / Territory - Bosnia and Herzegovina   
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Topic - Whistleblowing   
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