David Leigh: Journalist - United Kingdom (Integrity Award)

Filed under - Whistleblowing

Received the Award on 16 February 2009

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David Leigh’s extensive reporting on foreign bribery in business, his exposure of corruption allegations in projects guaranteed by the UK’s Export Credit Guarantees Department as well as political corruption in the UK, underline his dedication to a multi-faceted problem. Since 2004, Leigh’s landmark investigations into alleged bribery by British Aerospace Systems (BAES) in relation to the UK-Saudi Al Yamamah arms deal, as well as deals with other countries, has laid bare how developed countries may be complicit in fuelling corruption in developing nations.

His untiring pursuit of the truth has also helped journalists in other countries to report on accusations involving BAES and their own governments.

Country / Territory - United Kingdom   
Region - Global   |   Europe and Central Asia   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Advocacy   |   Media   |   Private sector   |   Whistleblowing   
Tags - Journalism   |   Video   |   David Leigh   |   British Aerospace Systems   |   UK’s Export Credit Guarantees Department   |   Scandals   |   The Guardian   |   UK-Saudi Al Yamamah arms deal   

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