Global Corruption Barometer – Latin America and the Caribbean 2019

Cases of corruption rarely seem to be out of the news in Latin America and the Caribbean. Just in the last few years alone, several high profile cases have sent shockwaves through the region. However, momentum has been building against corruption, giving hope that after decades of inaction things are changing. 

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Latin America & the Caribbean GCB in Detail

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The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) - Latin America and the Caribbean reveals that more than half of all citizens in 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries think corruption is getting worse in their country and governments aren’t doing enough to tackle it. Corruption is a major concern for ordinary people; 85 per cent of those surveyed believe government corruption is “a big problem”.

Methodology and Full Data Set

The GCB is the largest, most detailed survey of citizens’ views on corruption and their experiences of bribery in Latin American and Caribbean. In partnership with IPSOS Peru, Market Research Services and Public Domain, the GCB surveyed more than 17,000 citizens in 18 countries across the region. Fieldwork took place between January 2019 and March 2019.


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