Network of experts

Transparency International’s Anti-corruption Solutions and Knowledge (ASK) programme is a strategic knowledge exchange and learning initiative aimed at facilitating the creation, adaptation and dissemination of leading anti-corruption knowledge, experience and expertise across the global anti-corruption community.

The ASK network of experts is a pool of several hundred experts and practitioners with a recognised expertise on a key thematic or geographic area across the world. Below is the list of experts. Contact with the network is handled through the Transparency International Anti-Corruption Helpdesk.

Network of experts

Expert Areas of expertise
Abdallah Harsi, Fès Law Faculty Local governance and decentralisation, access to information laws, civic rights and liberties
Abram Huyser-Honig, Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (ASJ) Transparency in Public Education, Transparency in Public Health, Transparency in Urban Land Titling, Public Security and Law Enforcement Issues, Transparency in Conditional Cash Transfer Programs
Acar Muhittin, Professor of Public Administration, Hacettepe University Turkey Political corruption, public sector, people engagement
Adam Foldes, Advocacy Advisor, Transparency International Freedom of information, human rights, international anti-corruption instruments, political corruption, judiciary, law enforcement
Adam Graycar, Professor of Public Policy, Australian National University Prevention of corruption; Quality of governance; Integrity in public administration; Corruption in rich countries; Public sector systems; Measuring corruption
Adrien Roux, Aix-Marseille Universite Business Criminal Law, money laundering, offshore centres, tax havens, white collar crime
Agnes Batory, Professor, Center European University; Board Member TI Hungary Measurement and research methodology, anti-corruption agencies; corruption and party politics, EU conditionality, compliance
Aida Arutyunova, UNDP-PACDE Water integrity, natural resources, basic services, social accountability, gender, Anti-corruption agencies, UNCAC
Aiysha Varraich, Quality of Government Institute, Gothenburg Clientelism, state capture
Akaash Maharaj, CEO, Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption Prosecution of grand corruption, legislatures and legislative oversight, sport governance.
Alan Hudson, Policy Director, Transparency & Accountability, ONE Extractives transparency, budget transparency, Illicit financial flows, aid transparency
Alejandro Salas, Director Americas Department, Transparency International Anti-corruption strategies, citizen mobilization and social and political sanction, anti-corruption organisations coordination, networking and managing
Alessandra Fontana, Policy Advisor, OECD Illicit financial flows, money laundering, asset declarations, illicit enrichment, codes of conduct, political finance
Alessandro Bozzini, Independent Consultant Public sector integrity and transparency, social accountability tools, civil society strengthening, development aid, poverty, parliamentary oversight
Alexander Yolkin, Transparency International Russia Transparency, information technology, people engagement
Alexandra Gillies, Director of Governance Programs, Natural Resource Governance Institute Oil, gas and mining; Global transparency initiatives; POlitical economy of natural resource governance/corruption
Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Professor, Hertie School of Governance Corruption and Institutional Development, Transition and Democratisation, Europeanisation and EU's global influence, State building in ethnically divided societies
Alisa Voznaya, University of Oxford Political corruption, party system
Alma Balcazar, Individual Member Business integrity, collective action (anti-corruption agreements between competitors)
Andrea Bonime Blanc, CEO & Founder, GEC Risk Advisory LLC US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Anti-Bribery Convention; Designing, deploying anti-corruption, anti-bribery policies, procedures and programs; Anti-corruption training, communications
Andres Hernandez, Transparencia por Colombia Social accountability, citizen engagement, multi-stakeholder initiatives, capacity building for CSOs
Andrew Guth, Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and Corruption Center (TraCCC) Corruption, transnational crime, and terrorism; corruption in the Philippines
Andrew McDevitt, Programme Coordinator, Transparency International Public sector, local governance, corruption diagnostics, research methods, political corruption
Andrey Kalikh, Center for Development of Democracy and Human Rights Impact of corruption on human rights abuses, human rights and democracy vs. corruption, corruption and military forces, human rights in the Russian Military forces

Anga R Timilsina (Ph.D.), UNDP’s Global Anti-corruption Initiative (GAIN)

Expertise on anti-corruption projects in developing countries, SDGs, implementing national anti-corruption strategies, UNCAC & media/civil society.
Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, Lawyer Anti-Money Laundering specialist
Anne Scheltema Beduin, Executive Director, Transparency International Netherlands Right to information, lobbying, whistleblowing.
Antoine Heuty, Founder, Ulula Oil, gas and mining revenue transparency, corporate accountability, feedback loops, mobile technology for private sector transparency and accountability, measuring transparency and accountability
Anton De Grauwe, Head of Technical Assistance, International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) Educational reform, decentralisation, civil sector management, capacity development
Antonio Suarez-Martinez, Partner, Edwards Wildman Palmer UK LLP Asset Recovery, corruption in the UK
Apollinaire Mupiganyi, Executive Director, Transparency International Rwanda Local administration governance, social accountability, community monitoring, private sector and procurement corruption
Aradhya Malhotra, Co-founder, Skyless Game Studios Educational video games; mobilising technology against corruption; maximising engagement for anti-corruption
Arun Duggal, Senior Advisor, Shriram Capital Ltd. Financial services
Ashutosh Mishra, Director (IP & CSF), Transparency International India Public procurement, public sector in India
Barbara Kowalczyk-Hoyer, Consultant, Transparency International Private sector, country-by-country reporting, MNE, financial markets
Ben Shave, Development Officer, Supporters Direct Europe Sports governance, European Sports Policy, ownership structures of European football clubs
Bernard Gauthier, HEC Montréal Service delivery, PETS, QSDS, public finance, public policy
Blair Glencorse, Executive Director, Accountability Lab Social accountability, technology for governance, innovation in accountability, citizen journalism, civic education, high and low-tech accountability
Bo Rothstein, Head of Institute, Quality of Government Institute Causes of corruption, theories of corruption, public administration and corruption, corruption and health, history of corruption
Boris Divjak, Individual Member, Transparency International Public sector contracting, business environment, investment climate, NGO sector capacity building, aid coordination, development, international donor agencies
Brigitte Zimmerman, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Local government, corruption evolution, forms of corruption, elections and corruption, citizen-led anti-corruption, traffic police corruption
Bronwyn Best, Senior Advisor, TI Canada Business ethics, cross-cultural management
Bruno Speck, Professor, University of Campinas (UNICAMP) Brazil Campaign/party finance regulation, government auditing institutions, integrity systems
Carolina Pinheiro, Governance Campaign Coordinator, The Huairou Commission Gender-sensitive governance,  grassroots women's engagement (accountability), international development
Charles Ayamdoo, Director of Anti-Corruption, Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice Anti-corruption legal and legislative framework; investigation; prevention and education; public sector integrity; procurement; training
Chibuzor Johnson Eze, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abuja, Nigeria Stolen Assets, Natural Resources
Chong San Lee, Transparency International Private sector and business ethics
Christina Neophytidou, Cyprus University of Technology Transparency, whistleblowing
Christoph Kowalewski, Board member, Partnership for Transparency Fund, e.V. Corporate compliance, corruption in the water sector, online-based capacity building-measures, participatory community-based approaches, alternative activism approaches
Claire Schouten, Programme Coordinator, Integrity Action Fragile and conflict-affected states, aid and budget, civil society and community engagement, infrastructure and service delivery, public financial management and open contracting
Claudia Baez-Camargo, Head of Governance Research, Basel Institute on Governance Social accountability, corruption risk assessments, informal networks, health governance, collective action
Conrad Zellmann, Deputy Executive Director, Towards Transparency Vietnam Business integrity, citizens’ complaints (ALACs), youth integrity, capacity development, resource mobilisation, work with NGO partners
Cristiano Ferri Faria, Director, Hacker Laboratory, Brazialian House of Representatives E-government, open data, crowdsourcinng policymaking.
Cristina Eguizabal, FUNDE (Transparency International El Salvador) Security, international cooperation
Daban Sabir Corruption in Kurdistan.
Dagmar Radin, Professor, University of Zagreb Corruption in healthcare.
Dan Hough, Professor, The University of Sussex Theory of anti-corruption, CSO engagement
Danila Serra, Researcher/Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University Bottom-up accountability and anti-corruption, Experimental methods for the study of corruption and accountability, Social norms, culture and corruption
Daniel L. Feldman, Professor of Public Management, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York Oversight and audit institutions, public procurement & bid rigging
Daniel Nordmann, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Water integrity, climate financing, public sector reform, local governance
Daniel Yawson, IUCN-W Africa Water integrity, environmental conservation, natural resources
David Banisar, Senior Legal Counsel, Article 19 Transparency, Access to Information, Whistleblowing, Media and Freedom of Expression, Privacy and Data Protection, Environment
David Chapman, University of Minnesota Higher education, international development assistance, secondary education, primary education
David Jancsiscs, Post-Doctoral Associate, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University Corruption in customs and border agencies,
David Lewis, Executive Director, Corruption Watch South Africa Education, procurement, collusion, people engagement
David Robinson, Education International Education, higher education and research, academic freedom and research integrity, research ethics
David Zetland Water integrity, natural resources, energy
Davide Torsello, Professor, CEU Business School Political and business corruption, corporate compliance mechanisms, corporate culture and integrity.
Deborah Hardoon, Senior Researcher, Oxfam Survey design and management, quantitative analysis, cross-country comparison
Delia Ferreira Rubio, Poder Ciudadano; Transparency International Board Member Money and politics, political finance, gender participation, advocacy
Diana Kovatcheva, Doctor in International Public Law, Research fellow at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Lead Researcher at Transparency International Bulgaria Judiciary (reform, fight against corruption, integrity, institutions), confiscation of assets, ethical standards, political corruption
Don Paul Bienfait Karafunu, Bureau des journalistes pour un leadership cohésif dans les pays des grands lacs Public sector, security
Donal O'Leary, Water Integrity Network Water integrity, natural resources, procurement, energy, infrastructure development
Eduardo Bertoni,CELE - Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information, Palermo University School of Law, Argentina, Institute for Education Development Access to information, technology and human rights, freedom of expression, international criminal law
Ejaz Ali, Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator, Institute for Education Development Education, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, community development, poverty, gender
El Mesbahi Kamal, Transparency Morocco Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, industrial and development economics
Elena Panfilova, Center Transparency International – Russia; Transparency International Board Member Anti-corruption policy development, anti-corruption civic control, political corruption, public sector integrity, conflict of interests, international anti-corruption legislation, people engagement
Emile van der Does de Willebois, Star Initiative Transparency of legal entities/shell companies, money laundering and corruption, FATF 40 Recommendations, asset recovery
Emilio Moya, Transparency International Chile Political corruption, public sector, aid, development and poverty
Eric Alt, Vice-Chair, ANTICOR Economic crime, judiciary, public sector, political corruption
Eric Barrett, Director, JUMPStart Georgia Open data, public engagement and advocacy using technology
Ernie Ko, Vice Executive Director, Transparenct International Taiwan Expertise on Anti-Corruption Agencies and corruption in security and conflict
Eva Filzmoser, Carbon Market Watch Carbon markets and public participation in monitoring
Farai Mutondoro, Transparency International Zambabwe Natural resource governance, community engagement, climate financing and illicit financial flows
Fawad Sayed Gilani, Project Manager, Transparency International Pakistan Procurement, Information Technology
Finn Heinrich, Research Director, Transparency International Measurement issues, indicators, integrity systems, comparative systems, political corruption
Francesca Recanatini, World Bank Governance, anti-corruption, public sector, social accountability
Francesco Calderoni, Professor, Transcrime and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuor Organised crime, Mafias, infiltration in public procurement, network analysis
Francesco Checci, Anti-corruption specialist, UNDP Prevention of corruption - national integrity systems, capacity development, project management
Francesco Di Simone, Advisor, U4 Anti-corruption Resource Centre Procurement, money laundering, ICT tools, citizens engagement
Franck Ndjimbi, Consultant Natural resources, extractive industries, journalism
François Valerian, Sciences Po Paris; Transparency France Anti-corruption in the private sector, fight against financial opacity, G20 advocacy
Frederic Boehm, Independent consultant Economics and Game Theory, project planning and evaluation
Frederic Lesne, CERDI/Université d'Auvergne Measurement and assessments
Fumiko Nagano, Regional Officer, Border and Identity Solutions, IOM Corruption in immigration and border control offices, public engagement and social norms transformation, engaging law enforcement in anti-corruption efforts
Gabriel Kuris, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity Anti-Corruption Authorities, corruption at the local level, transitional justice, overcoming political economy challenges
Gareth Sweeney, Chief Editor GCR, Transparency International Human rights and corruption, education
Gavin Hilson, Professor, University of Surrey Artisanal and small-scale mining, extractive industries and development, CSR, natural resources and civil violence
Gedeon M. Mudacumura, Professor of Public Administration, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Corruption in poor countries, aid, public sector management.
Gedion Onyango, Research Fellow, Centre for Research and Development, Maseno University Local government, anti-corruption designs and implementation in the public sector
Geetanee Napal, Professor, University of Mauritius Private sector, business ethics, corruption in developing countries
Georg Neumann, Strategic Communications and Knowledge, Inter-American Development Bank Technologies for transparency, media and communications
Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel, Managing Director, Basel Institute on Governance Anti-corruption development cooperation programming, anti-corruption project management, private sector collective action, private sector compliance programmes, asset recovery,  corruption prevention analysis
Guy-Uriel Charles, Professor of Law, Duke Law Center on Law, Race and Politics Election law, campaign finance, rule of law, judiciary, aid/development
Hadeel Qazzaz, Independent Consultant Gender and development, aid, development and poverty, people engagement and participatory processes
Hady Fink Health, private sector (corporate compliance), UNCAC, corruption risk assessments, water, general training, education and prevention
Hakan Tropp, Managing Director, Stockholm International Water Institute Water integrity, water governance, food and energy, climate change
Hari Muluktla, Managing Director, Anticorruption & Information Technology, Stream House AG Asset recovery; information technology; Income and asset declaration; Open Source Intelligence; Whistleblowing mechanisms
Harry Patirnos, Manager, Education, World Bank Education, teacher absenteeism
Heather Leson, Director, Ushahidi, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Online reporting, community outreach, building, new technology project implementation, global collaboration
Heather Marquette, Professor, University of Birmingham Aid policy, integrity management, anti-corruption policy in post-conflict countries
Heike Scherff, Senior partner, Pactitioners Public Sector Integrity, anti-corruption training, anti-corruption tools, organizational development, development cooperation and evaluation, NIS Assessments
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, University of Toronto Sports mega events, International Olympic Committee, FIFA, Pam Am Games, Discrimination based on gender and sexuality
Henrik Lindroth, Project Manager, UNDP Combating corruption in the education sector, institutional accountability
Idrissa Ali, ROTAB Natural resources, participatory budget, budget monitoring
Iftekhar Zaman, Executive Director, Transparency International Bangladesh Integrity of political parties and leadership, integrity & effectiveness of key institutions of accountability, people engagement, integrity pledge, corruption & poverty, corruption in armed forces and security agencies
Iphigenia Pavlou, Researcher, psychotherapist Forensic psychology, corruption in education, quantitative and qualitative research

Ivana M. Rossi, Senior Specialist, World Bank/ Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)

Financial Disclosure by Public Officials (asset declaration), Anti-money laundering, Politically Exposed Persons, Anti-Corruption, Transparency
Iveta Kazoka, Policy analyst, Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS Political party finance, election campaign regulation, election monitoring; citizen engagement (participation) in decision making; public administration benchmarks and standards; media corruption; social media and participation; EU decision-making
Jacques Hallak, Jules Verne University in Amiens Ethics and corruption in the education sector
Jaimie Fuller, Chairman, SKINS Sports governance, Sponsor engagement
James Dorsey, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies/Institute of Fan Culture Military, Police and security forces, Sports
Jamil Chade, O Estadão de S. Paulo Sports and corruption, Offshore centres
Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling, Professor, University of Nottingham Public administration, comparative politics, transition and democratisation, Europeanisation, public policy, civil service
Janine Schall-Emden, Independent Consultant Participatory governance, civil society, participatory action research, MEL, social development
Janos Bertok, OECD Money laundering, offshore financial centres, shell companies and beneficial ownership
Joop Remme, Board Member, TI Netherlands Corruption in education, private sector corruption.
Jean-Loup Chappelet IDHEAP Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, University of Lausanne Sports governance, Democratic governance
Jean-Marc Deroy Multilateral System Agencies
Jenni Williams Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Citizen mobilisation and campaigning; public accountability; peaceful protest; activism
Jiangnan Zhu, Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong Corruption and anticorruption in China, business-government nexus
Jill Wells, Researcher, Engineers Against Poverty Corruption in the construction sector, public investment management (infrastructure/construction), procurement/delivery of public projects, construction labour
Joanne Bauer, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Human rights and corruption, corporate accountability, conflict resolution and mediation
Johanna Joerges, Independent Consultant UNCAC, anti-corruption trainings, corruption prevention, transparency of political finance
John Githongo, Inuka Kenya Private sector fraud and anti-corruption advisory, extractive industries due diligence, county political and economic risk analysis, executive advisory - governmental, civil society bottom up anti-corruption advisory and implementation
John Horne, University of Central Lancashire Sport in society, Mega events, Sociology, Mass communications
John M. Sellar, Independent Anti-Smuggling, Fraud and Organised Crime Consultant Criminal investigations; international organisations; law enforcement capacity to respond to organised crime and anti-corruption
Jose Ugaz, Board member, Transparency International Litigation, judicial and legal issues, political corruption, private sector, corruption and human rights, impunity
Juanita Riaño Londoño, Integrity Officer, Inter-American Development Bank Survey design, design & implementation of governance indicators, risk management strategies, research based advocacy, public sector reform
Julia Keseru, International Policy Manager, Sunlight Foundation Using technology in enhancing government transparency and accountability, open government, open data policies, lobbyist disclosure, political finance transparency, contracting, procurement opennness
Julio Bacio Terracino, Integrity Policies Analyst, OECD Measures to prevent corruption in the public sector (conflicts of interest, asset disclosure, whistleblower protection), criminalisation of corruption
Kanan Dhru, Founder, Research Foundation for Governance in India Reforms of Legal Institutions, inner-party democracy, access to justice, youth engagement
Karen Hussmann, Independent Consultant Anti-corruption policies and agencies, health and corruption, (post)-conflict situations, donor agencies and aid, sector approaches to corruption
Kathleen Duffy, Labs Director, Sunlight Foundation Open data, open government, civil society coalition building, technological to promote transparency and accountability
Kerstin Leitner, Transparency International Germany Health systems, pharma industry and supplies
Kevin Carpenter, Sports Lawyer, Hill Dickinson LLP Sports integrity, match-fixing, governance, financial crime
Kevin Deveaux, Parliamentary Adviser, UNDP Parliaments, political parties, election campaign finance, government oversight and accountability
Krishna Hari Pushka, Joint Secretary, Commission for the Investigation of Abuse Authority Anti-Corruption commissions, Investigation management, Intelligence based investigation, Governance analysis, Corruption sensitivity analysis, Investigative coordination and collaboration, Foreign Corrupt Practices investigation management
Kulan Amin, Founder/Senior Partner, Pactitioners Democratic governance/political accountability, public sector administration/reform, decentralisation, development policies/sector policy support, multi-stakeholder approaches/advocacy, natural resource management
Kyela Leakey, Lecturer in Public Law, University of Glasgow Judicial independence, judicial accountability, judiciary - integrity and corruption
Leila Bicakcic, Director, Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) Media management and media development, public sector anti-corruption strategies, investigative reporting
Lena Wängnerud, Professor, Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg Gender and corruption, gender and political representation
Leonardo Borlini Anti-corruption international initiatives, financial integrity (especially AML/CFT) law, anti-corruption initiatives in the private sector, anti-corruption compliance, asset recovery, EU law and corruption
Leonie Kiangu, FEJE/ITIE-RDC Extractive industries, Natural resources
Leslie Holmes, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Melbourne Corruption in post-communist countries, organised crime, police corruption, corporate misconduct
Liz Steele, Publish What You Fund EU development and humanitarian aid policy and aid transparency, aid effectiveness and aid transparency, civil society and aid transparency
Lorenzo Delesgues, Chair, Integrity Watch Afghanistan; Professor, Sciences Po Paris Post-conflict reconstruction accountability, transparency and anti-corruption, social accountability approaches, natural resource management, aid policies and technical assistance, community based monitoring, ICT applied to citizen driven accountability
Lydia Medland, Research and Campaigns Coordinator, Access Info Access to information, freedom of information, accountability, right to information, UNCAC
Manoj Nadkarni, Manager, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan Forest governance, environmental management, programme management
Marc Ona Essangui, Publish What You Pay Extractive industries, budget, human rights, climate, corporate social responsibility
Marc Tasse, Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption Forensic accounting, fraud prevention
Matthieu Salomon, Natural Resource Governance Institute Extractive industries (oil, gas, mining), Licensing, EITI
Maria Jacobsson, SIWI Water integrity, civil society, corruption assessments, social accountability, capacity building
Maria Krambia Kapardis Chair of Transparency Cyprus and Associate Professor, Cyprus University of Technology Academia and corruption, asset disclosure, revolving doors, conflicts of interest
Maria Spirova, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Political Science, Leiden University Political party corruption, clientelism, patronage
Mark Lovatt, Transparency International Malaysia Private sector corporate integrity systems, tendering & procurement, construction sector corruption
Martin Woods,Head of Financial Crime, Thomson Reuters Whistleblowing; anti-money laundering; integrity
Mary Gentile, Director, Giving Voice to Values Business ethics education, values-driven leadership development, values and ethics corporate training
Mary-Jo Kranacher, York College, CUNY Financial fraud and corruption in education, occupational fraud and abuse, accounting fraud, fraud detection and prevention
Mathias Huter, Senior Analyst, Transparency International Georgia Media ownership, regulation, ethics, freedom of the internet, technology for transparency, E-procurement, election monitoring, conflict of interest monitoring
Matthew Stephenson, Harvard Law School Foreign bribery law, political economy of corruption
Matthias Morgner, Independent Consultant Public finance, court of audits, public service delivery, regional development
Maud Perdriel-Vaissiere Expertise on asset recovery, compensation for social damage, and public interest litigation
Michael Beevers, Assistant Professor of Environmental and International Studies, Dickinson College Natural resources, post-conflict peacebuilding, corruption in protected areas, mining
Michael Fine, Principal, NXG Global Law & Compliance PLLC Design/assessment of corporate compliance programs, counseling on anti-bribery laws (e.g., US FCPA, other OECD-based laws), government ethics rules (e.g., lobbying disclosure, gifts), collective action (e.g., integrity pacts, model codes)
Michael Johnston, Professor, Colgate University NY Political corruption, comparative corruption, democratisation, measurement and assessments
Michael Koss, Advisor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Party funding, parliament
Michael Wiehen, Transparency International Public procurement
Michel Girodo, Professor, Ottawa University Corruption in law enforcement, police, security services, human trafficking and forced labour, regulatory compliance, e.g. FCPA, AML, Patriot Act, training in ethics and codes of conduct, integrity testing, compliance assurance simulation tests
Michele Riccardi, Transcrime, University of Trento Beneficial ownership, anti-money laundering, organised crime infiltration in public procurement, illegal markets
Mick Moore, Professor, International Centre for Tax and Development Taxation
Mihaylo Milovanovitch Education policy analysis, integrity of education systems, anti-corruption policies in education sector
Milena Marin, Open Knowledge Foundation People engagement, technology against corruption
Mireille Razafindrakoto, Institut de recherche pour le developpement Measurement and assessments, poverty and corruption, petty corruption
Miroslava Pagacova, Independent Consultant EU anti-corruption legislation, management of structural funds
Mohammed Madani, Professor, Université de Rabat-Agdal Constitutional law, human rights
Muriel Poisson, International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) Ethics and corruption in the education sector
Nancy Hendry, Senior Advisor, International Association of Women Judges Sextortion and gendered aspects of corruption
Nicola Whittaker, Corruption Watch Access to Information, civil society, media, public procurement
Nicolas Seris, Programme Coordinator, Transparency International Kenya Corruption in humanitarian aid operations
Nikos Passas, Professor, Northeastern University Specialises in anti money laundering, financial crime, illicit financial flows, and the regulation of remittances.
Nils Kobis, Doctoral Researcher, University of Amsterdam Social psychology, social dilemmas, experimental psychology, social norms, theory of anti-corruption
Nils Taxell, Advisor, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre Expertise on people’s engagement, the interface between corruption and aid, and the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
Nisha Thompson, Lead Organiser/Co-founder, DataMeet Open Data, how to open it, why you should, and how to use it; Water data, what data is important for water information and management; Community organising and how to bring people together
Olga Petrova Protection of witnesses, experts, victims and reporting persons; anti-corruption policy and strategy development; anti-corruption agencies; judicial integrity; police oversight
Olivier Longchamp, Head of finance and tax affairs, Berne Declaration Expertise on oil & gas, gold and diamonds trade, anti-money laundering and Swiss trading companies
Oscar Fernando Vasquez Bocanegra Social programmes, security, political finances
Pam Bartlett Quintanilla, Researcher and Campaigner, Access Info Right of access to information, international standards and use of right to information laws, EU decision-making, EU lobbying regulation, ethics regulation of EU institutions
Paolo de Renzio, Senior Researcher, International Budget Partnership Budget transparency, public financial management, social accountability, aid and governance, citizen engagement in budget processes
Patrycja Szarek Mason, University of Reading, School of Law Conventions and legal instruments, EU anti-corruption policies
Patty Zakaria, Researcher, Wayne State University and University Canada West Corruption and civil society, anti-corruption reform, corruption and trust, corruption perceptions
Paul Heywood, University of Nottingham Measurement of corruption, integrity management approaches, political use and abuse of discourse on corruption, Open Data as a support for anti-corruption, conceptual analysis of corruption and integrity
Paul Lagunes, Assistant Professor, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs Corruption in urban contexts, monitoring, police, procurement
Paula Gerber, Monash University Law School Human rights education, international human rights law, children's rights, LGBTI rights, marriage equality
Paulette Oyane-Ondo, PWYP/Centre pour la Promotion de la Démocratie et la Défense des Droits de l'Homme au Cenbon (CDDH-Gabon) Human rights, governance, democracy, elections
Pedro Gomes Pereira, Consultant Mutual legal assistance, procurement, anti-money laundering, Illicit enrichment, criminalisation of corruption, asset recovery
Peter Cornelius, Advisor, Transparency International Germany Public procurement, Database TED - Tenders Electronic Daily
Peter Hack, Eotvos University Budapest Judiciary, anti-corruption legal methods, human rights, police
Phil Newman, Towards Transparency Financial Services, banking, private sector, governance
Quentin Reed, Independent anti-corruption consultant Political party and election campaign finance, conflict of interest and ethics regulation, corruption and organised crime, whistleblower regulation, international standards (conventions)
Rachel Rank, Research and Monitoring Manager, Publish What You Fund Corruption and aid flows, public financial management, good governance
Radim Bures, Transparency International Czech Republic Political parties financing, police and corruption investigation, criminology, civil service law, structure, integrity
Riccardo Pelizzo, Research Advisor, World Bank Institute Party and electoral finance, oversight of public expenditures, developmental and political consequences of corruption
Richard Klein, Stockholm Environmental Institute Corruption in climate adaption finance
Richard Messick, Consultant Party and campaign financing, criminal law enforcement; ethic laws, bid rigging and collusion; investigations, corruption in aid projects
Rita de Cassia Biason, Professor, UNESP, Brazil Conventions, judiciary and law enforcement, Brazilian local government transparency, civil society participation, people engagement
Robert Hanlon, Lecturer, University of British Columbia Corporate social responsibility, human rights, bribery, patronage
Robert Lugolobi, Independent Consultant Citizen empowerment initiatives, social accountability, measuring corruption, transparency in the oil and gas sector, anti-corruption tools for the private sector
Robin Hodess, Group Director, Advocacy and Research, Transparency International Global transparency, accountability and integrity agenda, financial integrity
Ronald Berenbeim, NYU School of Business Private Sector, aid, development, people engagement
Rosalia Gitau, Attorney, Shearman & Sterling, LLP/United Nations Private sector/white collar crime, aid & development in post conflict & natural disasters, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act/anti-bribery law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, natural resources
Rosemary Rop Water integrity, people engagement, urban water development
Roslyn Hees, Individual Member, Transparency International Corruption in humanitarian aid
Rueben L. Lifuka, Board member, Transparency International Zambia Land and corruption, natural resources management and environmental governance, urban development and governance, civil society
Rukshana Nanayakkara, Outreach Manager, Transparency International Election monitoring, human rights and corruption, anti-corruption institutions - networking and institutional development
Ruxana Burdescu, World Bank Income and asset declarations, governance and anti-corruption strategies, public sector management, judicial reform
Saeb Karm, Doctoral Researcher, School of Law - Queen Mary University of London Political corruption with particular focus on Egypt, people engagement (use of social media and digital technology in fighting corruption, upholding human rights and resisting state crime)
Saibal Kar, Professor, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences Calcuta Informal sector and corruption, tax evasion, bribery, political corruption
Saif Alhaddi, Advocacy and Outreach Officer, Yemeni Team for Transparency and Integrity The right to access information; whistleblower procedures and protection; enhancing transparency in defence sector; working with youth; advocacy strategies and campaigns; debates
Sam Power, Doctoral Researcher and Associate Tutor, The University of Sussex Political corruption, political parties, party funding, European politics
Samuel de Jaegere, Anti-Corruption Advisor, UNODC Anti-corruption agencies, UNCAC
Sandra Damijan, Director, Ljubljana Institute of Finance and Economics Integrity plans & vulnerability to corruption assessments, risk management, compliance, security, development
Sandra Sequeira, Assistant Professor of Dev Economics, London School of Economics (LSE) Corruption in transport bureaucracies and trade costs
Sarah Bracking, Professor, Manchester University Private sector corruption, illicit flows, tax avoidance, secrecy jurisdictions
Sarah Chayes, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace How corruption helps fuel security crises, such as violent extremism, revolutions and their aftermaths, symbiotic alliances with violent transnational criminal organisations; The cultural, as well as the material, role of money and the financial industry
Shaazka Beyerle, Senior Advisor,  International Center on Nonviolent Conflict Citizen engagement and empowerment; roles of women, youth and social media; impact of international actors on grassroots civic initiatives
Shireen Said, Policy Advisor, UNDP Human rights law, constitutional law, governance, justice and rule of law
Silvana Fumega Freedom of Information, Open Government Data
Simon Jenkins Civic education, anti-corruption education electoral observation, poll-worker training, project management, training design
Slagjana Taseva, Transparency International Macedonia Expertise on financial integrity, the judiciary and political corruption
Stuart McWilliam, Senior Campaigner, Global Witness Expertise on money laundering and the role of enablers in the financial sector
Susan Rose Ackerman, Professor, University of Yale Economic analysis of corruption, political determinants of corruption, international bodies and treaties
Suzanne Hayden Money Laundering, financial crime, judiciary, public sector integrity, post-conflict, media
Sven Beyersdorff United Nations system and UN procurement system, private sector, development sector (Mexican Human Rights Organisation)
Tanya Wyatt, Professor, Northumbria University Wildlife and Timber, Criminal Justice System
Tarik Nesh-Nash Use of technology for citizen engagement and participation
Taryn Vian, Associate Professor, Boston University Health, performance-based budgeting, informal payments, per-diems, qualitative methods
Thomas Roca, Agence Française de Développement, Research Department Measurement and surveys, governance institutions, development
Thilman Hoppe, Dr., Independent Consultant Asset declarations, immunities, lobbying, conflicts of interest, liability of legal persons, integrity testing
Tim Prenzler, Professor, Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security Policing, private security, anti-corruption agencies, integrity management
Tina Soreide, Chr. Michelsen Institute University of Bergen Law & economics, economic development, political economy, criminal law, industrial regulation
Tinatin Ninua, Regional Coordinator, Transparency International Elections, political party financing, conflict of interest, revolving door, lobbying, parliamentary strengthening, women's political empowerment
Trevor Munroe, Individual Member, Executive Director, National Integrity Action, Jamaica Research on national integrity systems, political party and campaign finance, anti-corruption NGOs, approach to establishment, strategy and tactics for development
Valts Kalnins, Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS Conflict of interest, asset declaration, anti-corruption strategies, lobbying rules and practices, anti-corruption agencies
Vítězslav Titl, EconLab, z.s. Prague & Free University of Brussels Political campaign financing, party funding, and public procurement.
Vivek Srinivasan, Independent Consultant Use of technology to reduce corruption.
Wesley Cragg, Schulich School of Business, York University Codes of Ethics, human rights issues, integrity systems
Willi Zimmerman, International Independent Advisor Land governance, corruption in the land sector, corruption in conflict and post-conflict situations
Yahong Zhang, Direct, Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studes Measuring corruption & national anti-corruption strategies
Zoe Reiter, Regional Manager Americas, Transparency International Social programmes, domestic security
Zora Ledergerber, Director, Integrity Line Whistleblowing