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Three people with masks pose with signes reading "Boot out the corrupt" in front of a colorful wall

Annual Report 2020

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2020 was an unprecedented year. The outbreak of COVID-19 required innovation and adaption to new challenges. The work of Transparency International was no exception.

A woman holds a protest sign in front of a government building and a policeman

Slovenia’s stalled anti-corruption reform: What numbers don’t tell us

Sebastijan Peterka
Three people on a dinghy are discussing shelter placement near the river.

Corruption and climate vulnerability – a devasting relationship

Dana Schran

In North Macedonia, public pressure opens a door to combat entrenched corruption

Slagjana Taseva
A protester with a mask holds a sign at the end of a line of riot police in Cusco, Peru.

CPI 2020: Americas

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The Americas showcase corruption and the mismanagement of funds in one of the regions most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 – A test for business integrity?

Britta Niemeyer

Netherlands showing other EU countries what not to do when transposing EU whistleblower directive

Transparency Int'l

In memory of Jim Wolfensohn and the fight against corruption

Transparency Int'l


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