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Despite sanctions, the networks of Venezuela’s corrupt elite continue to reach the United States

Gary Kalman

Gatekeepers asleep on the job

Transparency Int'l
Street art shows a young boy laundering sacks of cash in a washing machine

Nothing to see here? Middle-men in the UK and Spain are falling short of anti-money laundering requirements

Theo van der Merwe
Low-angle photo of a high-rise against pick background

Who owns our cities?

Transparency Int'l

Canada Falls from its Anti-Corruption Perch

Transparency International Canada

Building a fuller picture: The Financial Secrecy Index & CPI

Maíra Martini

Three steps towards corruption-free sustainable development

Transparency Int'l

Brazil’s Supreme Court halts anti-money laundering investigations

Maíra Martini

Resilient institutions

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Reducing corruption is an important component of the sustainable development agenda, and one that all state parties have an obligation to address. Although corruption is often…


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