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French courts rule

Transparency Int'l
Woman crossing the street in front of Mutare Criminal Magistrates Court

Delivering justice in Zimbabwe’s courts

Tracy Mutowekuziva

Sextortion: Sexual offence or corruption offence?

Nancy Hendry

The deafening silence around sextortion

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Sextortion happens when people are coerced into paying a bribe with sexual acts rather than money. Sexual extortion is a common but largely invisible form of corruption.

Contract for dialysis costs 51 Guatemalans their lives

Acción Ciudadana

Authoritarianism and corruption in Saudi Arabia

Transparency Int'l

Panama takes a turn towards transparency, but will it go far enough?

carlos barsallo

How a Guatemalan businessman brought a judge to justice

Acción Ciudadana

CPI 2019: Americas

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With an average score of 43 for the fourth consecutive year on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), the Americas region fails to make significant progress in the fight against…

The many-headed hydra: how grand corruption robs us of a sustainable future

Matthew Jenkins


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