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Did an alleged corrupt natural gas contract rob Nigeria of US$9.6 billion?

Kush Amin

The IMF, COVID-19 and anti-corruption: the story so far

M Emilia Berazategui
Image depicting whistleblowing

Dutch companies falling short of compliance with new EU Whistleblower Directive

Lotte Rooijendijk

Estonia: time to increase transparency in policy-making

Carina Paju

CPI 2019: Eastern Europe & Central Asia

News •

Eastern Europe and Central Asia is the second-lowest performing region on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), with an average score of 35. Across the region, countries…

Better Blending

Matthew Jenkins

Open data and political integrity

Jon Vrushi

Three steps towards corruption-free sustainable development

Transparency Int'l

Two principles Open Government Partnership needs to embrace to end corporate secrecy

Maíra Martini

Anti-corruption in the OGP: Opening up money and politics to ensure fairness and equality

José María Marín

Anti-corruption in the OGP: A global community for beneficial ownership transparency

José María Marín


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