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Defending indigenous communities from the deadly effects of corruption

Transparency Int'l

El Salvador: A recipe for corruption

Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo (Funde)

11 movies about whistleblowers that you cannot miss

Transparency Int'l

Extorting sex for food in Zimbabwe

Muchaneta Mundopa

Problems in Procurement: Reflections from the Transparency International School on Integrity

Joseph Moore

How an Identity Card inspired me to speak out against corruption

Khajira Christopher

Tackle corruption for zero hunger

Transparency Int'l

Corruption and illegal deforestation go hand in hand

Brice Böhmer

Land rights in Georgia: the stench of corruption

News •

This is the story of how Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre in Georgia helped a group of villagers win a legal battle against local authorities who had…

Real Lives, True Stories

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As many as two in three people worldwide believe that ordinary citizens can make a difference in the fight against corruption


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