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Woman with megaphone at a protest

Women in the EU face greater barriers to speaking up against corruption

Head and shoulders photo of Marie Chene
Marie Chene
Runners competing at a stadium

Warding off restrictive conditions and consulting markets: How Integrity Pacts encourage competition and fairness

Transparency Int'l
Dark room with a door half open, leading to  room with an intense red light.

Investigations and unsigned contracts: How Integrity Pacts enhance transparency and accountability

Transparency Int'l
Protesters holding signs against Czech PM Andrej Babiš and his company Agrofert

Data don't lie

Transparency Int'l
Two hands holding a phone with a blank screen,. the image is glitchy.

Nothing mythical about Pegasus

Transparency Int'l
Four European Union flags stand in front of flags of other EU countries in the EU council building in Brussels.

Corruption from the bloc

Transparency Int'l
A hand holds up Hungarian currency in a white envelope up to the light. The currency is visible from inside the envelope.

Hungarian society deeply divided over corruption

Bálint Mikola
Black and white image of people standing in the Reichstag building in Berlin

Germans concerned about big businesses dominating political decisions

Anna-Maija Mertens

Is the approaching Czech whistleblower protection an illusion?

Petr Leyer
Photo of a woman wearing a face mask, using public transport

Spring cleaning tips for the EU

Transparency Int'l
Sunset in Riga city with cars crossing the bridge creating light trails. Picturesque view on the highway with colourful sky.

Terminus: How corruption risks derailed Riga’s tramline development – and what we learn from it

Transparency Int'l
Politicians raise hands to vote on a bill

Monitor the integrity of decisions made in the EU

Transparency Int'l

Can transposing the Whistleblower Protection Directive be done on time? Maybe, but not at the cost of transparency and inclusiveness

Transparency Int'l

Are EU countries taking whistleblower protection seriously?

Transparency Int'l
A woman holds a protest sign in front of a government building and a policeman

Slovenia’s stalled anti-corruption reform: What numbers don’t tell us

Sebastijan Peterka
Silhouette of the Hungarian Parliament building reflected on the Danube at Sunset

Hungary’s rule of law backsliding continues amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Bálint Mikola


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