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Transparency International designated as “undesirable” by Russian Federation

On Monday 6 March, the Russian Prosecutor-General's office announced that it would designate Transparency International as an “undesirable organisation” for activities that “clearly extend beyond declared goals and objectives.” The office claimed that by “formally acting as an organisation fighting corruption around the world, it interferes in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, which poses a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and the security of the Russian Federation.”

Daniel Eriksson, CEO of Transparency International, said in response to the designation:

“Corruption is an issue that knows no borders. It is the essential mission of Transparency International to call attention to and fight against it everywhere. It is our specific mandate to combat transnational corruption, when deficiencies in one country enable abuses in others – to global detriment.

“Despite these allegations, Transparency International will continue to shine a light on corruption and kleptocracy in Russia and everywhere else to promote transparency, accountability, integrity, and to hold power to account.”

Transparency International is currently reviewing the decision to consider our response and how this will impact our work. For further comment, please contact [email protected].