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TI launches first publication to confronting corruption adapted to context of Francophone Africa

Combattre la corruption, enjeux et perspectives is an adaptation by TI’s national chapters in Francophone Africa of the leading anti-corruption reference work, the TI Source Book, to the socio-political and legislative environment of the region

Transparency International (TI) and its national chapters in Francophone Africa launched a new publication, Combattre la corruption - enjeux et perspectives, at a press conference in Benin today. The book is an adaptation of the pioneering TI Source Book: Confronting Corruption to the context of Francophone Africa. Published by TI, the world's leading anti-corruption organisation, the French edition represents a major addition to the armoury of anti-corruption tools, and will serve as a practical guide for all actors engaged in the fight against corruption.

Introducing Combattre la corruption to journalists in Benin, the book's editor, Djillali Hadjadj (TI's national contact in Algeria), said: "The costs of corruption in Africa are great: rot in public administration, loss of investment, violence and ethnic conflict, economic collapse, widespread poverty, and more. This publication is the first major attempt at systematically addressing the institutional weaknesses that cause corruption in our countries."

With a foreword presenting a diagnosis of corruption in Francophone Africa, the book outlines the tools that can be used to combat the phenomenon. With many boxes highlighting examples and counter-examples from the region, the publication sets out a holistic approach to tackling corruption by recommending a strengthening of the institutions that collectively comprise a country's "national integrity system". From the executive, legislature and judiciary, through civil society, the private sector and watchdog agencies to international institutions and an independent media, each pillar of integrity is crucial to maintaining the equilibrium of the system.

Speaking at the launch, the principal co-ordinator of the adaptation, Maître Mame Adama Gueye (chairman of Forum Civil, TI's national chapter in Senegal), said: "By taking a systemic approach to the identification of bad practice, it becomes possible to build a methodological basis for an organised campaign to bring the phenomenon under control."

The fruits of the collective efforts of nearly 100 participants from Francophone African countries over the course of two years, Combattre la corruption adds to the growing collection of best practice in anti-corruption reform, to which TI contributes through its network of more than 80 national chapters around the globe. The TI Source Book is an indispensable guide already used widely by anti-corruption practitioners, and has been translated into more than 20 languages. According to Maître Mame Adama Gueye, "this new version of the Source Book ensures that the reality and specifics of our Francophone context are included, that we are not so isolated from other organisations who share our core aim, namely the determination to contribute to the task of eradicating corruption across the globe."

Combattre la corruption - enjeux et perspectives,
ed. Djilali Hadjadj, 2002, €25.
ISBN: 2-84586-311-X.

The book can be ordered through the publisher:
Editions Karthala, 22-24 bd Arago,
75013 Paris

Combattre la corruption and the TI Source Book 2000 are available online at :

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