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TI and OECD establish joint database of anti-corruption programmes in Eastern & Central Europe

New service for journalists and experts

Recent corruption scandals in Russia and elsewhere in the region have been grabbing headlines in the press. Much less is known, however, about the numerous efforts being undertaken to fight corruption in these former communist countries.

To support these efforts, Transparency International is introducing the SIGMA/TI On-line Directory of Anti-corruption Programmes in Central and Eastern Europe, which details all current anti-corruption programmes and bodies in Eastern Europe. The Directory is the result of a combined effort by TI, the leading anti-corruption NGO, and SIGMA, a joint initiative of the OECD and the European Union's Phare Programme, which supports public administration reform efforts in Central and Eastern Europe. This electronic database is an easy to use reference tool for all those with an interest in up-to-date information on anti-corruption initiatives in the region. It can be located at:

"We are hoping that with time this user-friendly Directory will become the primary on-line resource in the fight against corruption in the region", stated Miklos Marschall, TI's newly-appointed Executive Director for Central and Eastern Europe.

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