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New report on the Afghan Government’s anti-corruption efforts ahead of Brussels donor summit

Press conference and panel discussion: 4 October in Brussels

Corruption in Afghanistan is fueling the ongoing war and undermining the effectiveness of billions of dollars of international aid. It is estimated that US$1 billion out of every US$8 billion is lost to corruption. As the country faces critical threats from insurgents, curbing corruption is vital for the survival of the state.

From promises to action: Assessing Afghanistan’s progress on anti-corruption reviews the anti-corruption commitments of the Afghan National Unity Government and highlights those commitments that, if achieved, would most likely lead to meaningful progress in tackling corruption in Afghanistan. It also recommends actions both the government and the international donors should take to strengthen Afghanistan’s institutions in order to set the direction and priorities for the next four years and to ensure the next US$12 billion of international aid is not wasted on corruption.

From promises to action:
Assessing Afghanistan’s progress on anti-corruption

will be made available online

on 29 September 2016 at 10:00 CEST

Embargo copies of the report and press release are available on request from

Press conference details

When: 4 October 2016 at 10:00 - 10:30

Where: Résidence Palace – International Press Center, 155, rue de la Loi – Block C, 1040 Brussels


  • Srirak Plipat, Director for Asia Pacific at Transparency International
  • Ikram Afzali, Director of Integrity Watch Afghanistan

RSVP: Christian Peter at

For interviews with the speakers either on the day or ahead of the report launch, contact Alex Johnson at or +32 2 893 2466.

Panel discussion details

Following the press conference there will be a panel discussion (10:30-1:00pm) with members of the Afghan government, a high level representative from the EU, civil society and donor governments. Journalists are welcome to stay. The discussion forum provides important background to the high level meetings at the aid summit the following day. For a copy of the agenda please contact

For any press enquiries please contact

Natalie Baharav
T: +49 30 3438 20 666

Alex Johnson
T: +32 2 893 2466