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Transparency International Amalia Award 2019

The Transparency International Amalia Award recognises and celebrates professional excellence and impact by the anti-corruption fighters from within the Transparency International movement.

The award is named after Amalia Kostanyan, who was the chair of TI Armenia. She was an anti-corruption hero, who died suddenly in 2010 while engaged in the work that characterised her selfless and fearless contribution to the fight against corruption.

She was just one of the many anti-corruption fighters within the TI family. In 2010, the Transparency International annual membership meeting decided to establish an award that honours them.

The award has two categories:

  • Impact - positive change brought about by an action or chapter. The changes affected peoples’ lives or institutional processes and policies that furthered the anti-corruption cause.
  • Professional excellence – advancing the mission of a chapter or Transparency International as a whole through demonstrating professional excellence and expertise in an area of anti-corruption work.


For the Impact category: TI Lithuania’s Transparency School

Ingrida Kalinauskienė (COO) and Sergejus Muravjovas (CEO) of TI Lithuania

Transparency International’s School on Integrity is an annual state-of-the-art anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders. Having hosted almost 1200 young professionals from around 120 countries, it is the leading summer course on anti-corruption in the world.

The School’s lectures, seminars, trainings interactive art-for-transparency sessions and fieldtrips offer a unique blend of international and local know-how. Participants are challenged and encouraged to take an outside-the-box approach, and to offer novel solutions for the fight against corruption.

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For the Professional Excellence category:
Ruth Liloqula,
Executive Director of Transparency Solomon Islands

Ruth Liloqula has lead Transparency Solomon Islands through an important and challenging period in the country's democracy.

Her and the team of TI Solomon Islands have been working tirelessly to inform citizens about their rights and possibilities to hold leaders accountable and report corruption, in a country where accessing information can be difficult: The Solomon Islands consist of over 900 islands, many of which have no internet access.

Empowerment is the unifying message that we preach to the people.
Ruth Liloqula Executive Director, TI Solomon Islands

With her persistence and multifaceted approach to fight the abuse of power for private gain, Ruth sends a strong message to the anti-corruption movement and to citizens: that corruption can be challenged.

Externally hosted content may include ads. These aren't endorsed by or reflect Transparency International's views.

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